Mungiwala Kukarh

Breast of chicken simmered in bulb chilli, onion, tomato and raw mango sauce.  
Rara Chicken £8.95
Minced chicken and cubes of chicken tossed with cumin seed, coriander seed and kashmiri spices. A Punjabi dish.  

Chicken Banjara

Spring chicken marinated in yoghurt, ginger, garlic and pan fried with nutmeg, red chilli and coriander paste. A traditional Rajasthani dish.  
Murgh Makhani (N) £8.95
A very popular dish found in most restaurants in Delhi where no chef ever dares to change the recipe. Tender boneless chicken cooked in a clay oven then simmered in butter and cream sauce, flavoured with fenugreek and coriander.  
Manchurian Chooza £8.50
Experience Laddakhi influence - small pieces of chicken tikka sauteed with spring onion, tomatoes, green chilli, ginger paste, soya bean and fresh ,coriander. Quite hot.  

Xícuti Chicken

A Goan speciality wedding dish - chicken cooked in a sauce of grated coconut, yoghurt and red chillies. Ideal with white fluffy basmati rice.  
Chefís Special Chicken Curry £8.50
An exceptional chicken curry unique to Bengal Lancer. Our chefís special sauce is hot, sweet, sour and spicy. A firm favourite with many regular customers.  
Murgh Jalfrezi £7.95
Fresh chicken cooked with onion and green peppers using chat massala, black pepper, pomegranate seeds, cumin, mint, ginger and asafoetida.  
Chicken Tikka Masala £8.50
Britainís favourite chicken curry, chicken tikka in a massala sauce enriched with ground almond and fresh cream.  

Stuffed Murgh Masala

Breast of chicken stuffed with spicy tangy potatoes, onions and peas, served with fairly dry and medium hot sauce. One of Bengal Lancerís most popular dishes.  
Murgh Razala (N) £8.50
Tender pieces of chicken cooked in a rich sauce of coconut cream, butter, garlic and aromatic sauces.  
Murgh Tikka Bhuna £8.50
Diced boneless chicken pieces grilled and sauteed with chopped tomatoes, onions and green peppers.  
Chicken Peshawari (N) £8.50
Diced pieces of chicken marinated in mango pulp, and cooked in white creamy onion and cashew nut sauce.  
Murgh Sagrana (N) £8.95
An exceptional chicken dish unique to Bengal Lancer, cooked with cream and mild spices. This mild dish is prepared specially for weddings.  
Murgh Dansak £7.50
Diced Chicken cooked with fresh lentils, tamarind and a variety of spices. Tastes hot sweet and sour.  
Murgh Madras / Vindaloo £7.50
Spicy hot chicken dish cooked with crushed chilli sauce.  

Chicken - Kaju Korma

Tender chicken delicately cooked with ground almond, raisins, cashew nuts and saffron. Very mild, especially for you if you do not like spices.  
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