Manglore Sea Food Curry

Mussels, prawns, fish, squids cooked in raw mango sauce finished with coconut milk. A Manglorian speciality.  
Haakh Gadh £10.95
Fresh halibut cooked with garlic, kashmiri chilli, pure ghee and haakh (keshmiri spinach).  

Golda Chingri Masala (N)

Giant prawns fresh from the Bay of Bengal and baked in a clay oven, then gently skimmed in a spicy massala sauce.  
Machi Masala £9.95
This is a traditional dish from East Bengal stuffed with garlic black pepper and red chillies. A tribal dish cooked in massala sauce and topped with home made cheese, fresh cream and sesame seeds.  
Goan Crab Bhunna £9.95
Fresh minced crab cooked Goan style.  

Jheenga Malai

Giant prawns are marinated with freshly ground spices and sauteed with tomato and onions, then complemented by the addition of a smooth cream.  
Golda Chingri Dansak £10.95
King prawns are cooked with fresh lentils and herbs. tastes hot, sweet and sour.  
Fish Hara Masala £10.95
Salmon fish cooked in a creamy coriander and tomato based sauce.  
Jhinga Roshooni Palak £11.95
Giant prawns cooked in garlic flavoured spinach.  

Jhinga Piri Piri

Giant prawns pan fried Goan style in fierce red chilli and coconut based sauce.  
Goan Fish Curry £9.95
Diced pieces of Tilapia cooked in a tomato, coconut, coriander and curry leaf based sauce.  
Masala Prawn Curry £8.95
A stir-fry of prawns in thick masala gravy with crushed chilli and capsicum.  
Designed by: Poshora