Sea Bass


Fresh Sea Bass marinated in hydrabadi green spices and grilled over charcoal. Served with tangy sweet and sour sauce.


Tandoori Pomfrett


Fresh pomfrett marinated overnight in yoghurt, cream, white peppers, red chilli and cumin. Grilled in tandoor.


Adraki Lamb Chop Laziz


Barbecued lamb chop cooked with fresh ginger, tamarind, green chilli and spring onions.

Jhinga Kebab £11.95
Fresh giant ocean prawns marinated lightly in spices and cooked in a clay oven. Served sizzling hot.  
Murgh Shaslick £8.95
Lightly spiced chicken grilled in a clay oven, garnished with onion, tomatoes and peppers.
Murgh Tikka £7.95

Chicken grilled with onions and peppers.


Tandoori Mixed Grill


Marinated chicken, lamb, fish and seekh kebab, barbecued in a clay oven over charcoal and served on a hot sizzler.

Tandoori Murgh £7.95

Among most famous Indian foods, tandoori chicken is loved by people in the world over. Barbecued chicken cooked in a clay oven.

Zaffrani Fish Tikka £10.95
From clay oven, tendered pieces of skillfully charcoal roasted salmon marinated with saffron and fresh herbs.  
Afghani Murgh Malai Tikka £8.95
Afghani influenced barbecued chicken tikka with flavours of fresh ginger, black cumin, cardamom and cottage cheese. no food colouring is used. A dish must try.  
Charcoal Roasted Duck £10.95
Duck marinated in various fresh spices and yoghurt and roasted in a clay oven. Served sizzling hot.  
Designed by: Poshora