Paneer Tikka

Indian cottage cheese marinated with spices and herbs grilled in a clay oven..  
Chilli Paneer £4.25
Chunks of cottage cheese sauteed in red onion, green chilli, soybean and green pepper. Quite spicy.  

Onion Bhaji

Crispy fritters of onion, potatoes and seasonal vegetables. Served with salad.  
Paneer Chat £4.50
An absolutely delightful snack, an ideal accompaniment to drinks or as a first course. Paneer with cayenne pepper, black salt, roasted cumin, dried mango and chopped mint served with red hot chutney.  
Punjabi Samosa £3.50
A famous evening snack. Deep fried white flour pastry, filled with spicy potatoes. Served with fresh mint and coriander sauce.

Harra Tawa Kebab (N)

Vegetable patties made of potato, green peas, lentils and spinach coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried.  
Vegetable Kebab Sultanpuri £3.95
Minced vegetable kebab in spices and cooked on skewer in a clay oven.  
Aloo Took £3.50

Baby potatoes cooked with dry mango powder, red chilli and black pepper.

Broccoli Pakora £3.50
Spiced fresh broccoli florets, deep fried in butter until crisp.  

Palak Patta-Aloo Chatt

Spicy fresh spinach, potatoes with coriander, mint yoghurt and tamarind sauce on a bed of crispy puri bread.  
Vegetable Platter Select £14.95
A combination of vegetable starters, prepared from our kitchen. Served with fresh garden salad and dips.  
Designed by: Poshora