Sabji Tray

Three different freshly cooked vegetable of the day .  
Dal Palok £2.95
Fresh spinach cooked with yellow lentils.

Sag Paneer

Spinach cooked with homemade cheese.  
Sag Aloo £2.95
Spinach and potatoes cooked in ground spice.  
Sag Bhaji £2.95
Fresh spinach cooked in garlic and aniseed.

Spicy Begoon

Aubergines seasoned in aromatic spice and stir fried in onions  
Sabji Curry £2.95
Fresh vegetable curry in medium spices.  
Butter Paneer £2.95

Homemade cheese in yogurt, cream and almond sauce

Mushroom Bhaj £
Spicy fried button mushrooms.  

Bombay Potatoes

Potatoes cooked with poppy seeds  
Aloo Gob £2.95
Potatoes and cauliflower cooked in spices.  
Chana Massala £2.95
Chick peas cooked in lemon and tamarind sauce.  

Broccoli Massala

Boroccoli cooked with onion and spices  
Tarka Dall £2.95
Yellow lentils cooked in garlic.  
Designed by: Poshora