The population of India are predominantly vegetarian, and the art of vegetable cooking is found in every household. Enhance your meal with some of our vegetable side dishes. Bengal Lancer brings specialities from various parts of India to give you a wide choice of dishes.

Bhagare Begun

Baby aubergine sauteed in mustard oil with spices. A dish from Bengal.  
Palak Nadir £3.75
Spinach with lotus stems cooked in a yoghurt sauce. From the Kashmir Valley.

Bihari Mirchi Aloo

Spicy baby potatoes with green chilli and black cumin seed. A special potato dish from the Bihar State.  
Bhinda Bhujia £3.75
Ladies fingers with onion and spices, cooked to perfection. Seasonal vegetables from Delhi Territory.  
Punjabi Chhole £3.75
Chickpeas in spicy tangy Chana Masala with onion and green chilli - a popular dish from the Punjab State.  

Daal Makhni

Black lentils cooked on a slow fire, tossed with onion and fresh butter. Dhaba roadside speciality.  
Khumb Nagpuri £3.75
Fresh button mushrooms cooked with tomatoes, onions and spicy sauce. A dish from Madhya Pradesh.  
Rajasthani Aloo Dum (N) £3.75

Potatoes in spicy sweet and sour sauce. From the Marwari community of Rajasthan.

Bombay Aloo £3.75
Potatoes in mild tomato sauce.  

Sag Paneer

Fresh spinach and curd cheese.  
Gobhi Aloo Masala £3.75
Cauliflower and potatoes.  
Aloo Palak £3.75
Fresh spinach served with baby potatoes.  

Broccoli Masala

Broccoli cooked with a specialty made sauce, consists of tamarind, pink nuts, onion seeds and curry leaves. A Hyderabadi speciality.  
Roshoon Palak £3.75
Spinach leaf is very nutricious. In this dish it is served with aniseed and garlic.  
Paneer Tikka Butter Masala (N) £3.95
Cubes of paneer tikka cooked in makhani sauce.  
Vegetable Jaipuri £3.75
Mixed vegetables cooked with sweet and sour tomatoes and pineapple.  
Tarka Dal £3.75
Soft yellow lentils cooked with fresh ginger and garlic, stir fried with onion and tomato.  
Makai Palak £3.75
Fresh spinach cooked with sweet corn and a hint of garlic.  
Paneer Lababdar £3.95
Cubes of fresh cottage cheese cooked in an onion and tomato based sauce, finished to a creamy texture.  
Onion Bhaji £2.95
Crispy fritters of onion, potatoes and seasonal vegetables.  
Designed by: Poshora